Navy diver reaches 2000 feet

Developed by OceanWorks International from Vancouver, British Columbia, the Hardsuit 2000 was designed to withstand underwater pressure at 2,000 feet. Current models have only been able to go down as far as 1,200 feet. “The suit worked incredibly,” said...

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Chinese lake divers find underwater 'Lost City'

China researchers are reporting the discovery of Mayan pyramid-like buildings under Fuxian Lake in China’s Yunnan province."Gengwei, a professional diver, told reporters on December 19th, 2005, that images from sonar scans showed that a large relic covering at least 2.4...

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Archaeological team discovers underwater ancient harbor in the Bahamas

An American archaeological team has discovered definitive evidence of underwater ancient harbor remains at two separate locations at Bimini. A hoax begun in 1978 by skeptics has also been uncovered. Archaeologist William Donato and a team of researchers have...

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