Narwhal horn mystery solved

The narwhal has a tooth, or tusk, which emerges from the left side of the upper jaw and is an evolutionary mystery that defies many of the known principles of mammalian teeth. The tooth's unique spiral, the degree of its...

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Diving Icebergs in the Weddell Sea

In order to learn how various drifting iceberg-lets affect cold-water marine animals and algae, a team of scientists from MBARI's Midwater Ecology group spent December chilling out - literally! - in the Weddell Sea. Studying marine life in and underneath...

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Diving in Canada - in winter

There's still some brave souls who scuba dive up here in eastern Canada (Ontario and Quebec) during the winter and I'm not one of them. These are the scuba divers who do ice diving. I can just imagine the looks...

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Ice Diving in Austria

Check out this great piece about ice diving in Austria. Despite freezing air temps and occasional reg failure, diving in Attersee Lake – where an underwater forest now rests – actually sounds kinda fun. But the real ice diving comes...

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