Diving Oil Rig Grace

Oil platform Grace has had a checkered history and was the source of a large oil spill in it's early years. Now the company that owns it has opened it to divers for PR purposes and to publicize that...

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Leatherback walkabout - 5000 miles and counting

An astonishing 5,000-mile journey by the first giant turtle to be caught and tagged off the British Isles has excited scientists studying the endangered creatures. For eight months marine biologists have been tracking a 65st [413kg - Ed.] leatherback sea...

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Snorkeling with sperm whales

Hughes and some friends traveled to the Azores specifically to observe and record behavior of sperm whales, the largest of the toothed whales. Lucky for them, the guide found a group of five whales, dominated by a 36-foot-long female, and...

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Dive Iceland

Pierce Hoover wrote this excellent piece about diving in Iceland. In between explaining some of Iceland's above-water highlights, Hoover describes his experience diving in her 34-degree waters. Via Divester...

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