Diving with dolphins in the Bahamas

One of the all time favorite marine animals for many is the dolphin. Previously, the closest one can ever get to a dolphin is at the various marine theme parks like Sea World. Then a few dolphin research centers started...

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Marine reserves 'good' for coral reefs

Marine reserves give a boost to coral reefs as well as fish stocks, new research shows. Scientists had been concerned that large fish returning to protected areas of the Caribbean could disturb the delicate balance of reefs. They feared that...

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Diving and photographing tiger sharks

The photographing of this shark was something I looked forward to doing. With my Canon digital SLR I could change lenses to suit what I wanted to photograph. I recently bought a Canon 10-22mm wide-angle lens. This is what I...

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Swimming With Giants

Monty Halls went on a whiz-bang, 10-week ‘round-the-world-trip with Full Circle Expeditions to dive with some of the world’s biggest animals and film the experience for the UK’s Channel 5. I don’t know what Channel 5 is, exactly, but I...

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Archaeological team discovers underwater ancient harbor in the Bahamas

An American archaeological team has discovered definitive evidence of underwater ancient harbor remains at two separate locations at Bimini. A hoax begun in 1978 by skeptics has also been uncovered. Archaeologist William Donato and a team of researchers have...

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