Perfectly fitting BCD

SeaSoft Scuba Products claims its engineers have invented an adjustable jacket-style BC that is “perfectly fitting.” That sounds like tough talk, but their Pro BC features horizontally and vertically adjustable straps, as well as adjustable front and shoulder straps. It’s...

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SeaQuest Pro QD BCD Review

The SeaQuest Pro QD is about as traditional of a BCD design as you can find. However, after using other new-fangled BCs, I've come to appreciate the proven model of a jacket-style buoyancy control device. For a brief description of...

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SeaQuest Balance BCD Review

The SeaQuest Balance has proven to be my most trusted BCD while traveling abroad. With its streamlined fit and durability, it shows hardly any signs of wear 100 dives and 10 countries later. With integrated weights, back buoyancy and pull...

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