Diving Roatan, Honduras


Roatan’s underwater visibility is outstanding. The variety of soft and hard corals is immense and vibrant, and there are two fine wrecks to dive just offshore. Wherever you swim, the variety of fish is astounding, from bitty coral-banded shrimp to elegant spotted drum fish, chummy grouper, turtles, eagle rays and even whale sharks (the world’s largest fish). Some of the best dives, though certainly not all of them, include Texas, Pablo’s, Spooky Channel, El Aguila and the Bear’s Den. Night dives feature the globally rare phenomenon called “string of pearls” — imagine tiny strings of light, each a lightning bug floating in the dark sea as far as you can see, like a 3-D version of the introduction to Matrix or the twinkling tails of a gigantic firework. Phosphorescence is lovely, but Roatan’s string of pearls is even better.

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