Seven dive computers compared

We picked seven of the most popular computers that retail for under £250 (one is just over £250), and took them for a couple of days' diving off Land's End to find out. All of them performed remarkably well....

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Shield Display - LED heads-up display mask

Shield Display is a built-in depth and tank pressure display for Neptune Series Masks. This information is brought directly to the mask face shield which improves diver convenience, comfort and efficiency. The Shield Display is sold as an accessory and...

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Suunto launches new D6 dive computer

Made from stainless steel, the new Suunto D6 dive computer has been designed to be both a stylish watch on land and a trusted companion underwater. Suunto's unique digital compass is also found in the Suunto D6 and shows divers...

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New diving computer watch from Scubapro

Suunto tends to lead the Scuba diving watch market, however it seems that its reign may be over with the new diving watch from Scubapro/Uwatec - the Aladin Prime and Tec.At the heart of the Aladin Prime and Tec is...

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