British Columbia spear fishing trip write-up

I make a few dives with the spear gun and soon find myself drifting along the wall in the current. Some fish cross my path, but now that I am hunting, I don’t seem to find the fish as...

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Underwater photographers = crap divers?

Getting a good photo is no excuse for damaging the environment. This is where we underwater photographers are most vulnerable to criticism. Adding a camera and strobe will affect buoyancy, and once the eye is glued to the viewfinder,...

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Diving Icebergs in the Weddell Sea

In order to learn how various drifting iceberg-lets affect cold-water marine animals and algae, a team of scientists from MBARI's Midwater Ecology group spent December chilling out - literally! - in the Weddell Sea. Studying marine life in and underneath...

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Protecting Fiji's great reef

Ancient fishing chants, many of which hadn't been performed in more than 50 years, and a lavish feast of local delicacies — clams, seaweeds, taro leaves, mangoes, guavas, coconuts and pineapples — were prepared over days for villagers and visitors...

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Coral planting project to save Singapore's reefs

Budding undersea colonies are being planted around Singapore in an effort to reforest some of the world's most silt-filled waters. Large-scale efforts here include transplanting small pieces of coral to degraded areas, where they will hopefully take root, and providing...

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Marine reserves 'good' for coral reefs

Marine reserves give a boost to coral reefs as well as fish stocks, new research shows. Scientists had been concerned that large fish returning to protected areas of the Caribbean could disturb the delicate balance of reefs. They feared that...

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How Many Divers Is Too Many?

We've mentioned before that humans are the single biggest threat to coral reefs. Although divers aren’t usually singled out for their destructiveness, general human activity – such as cyanide fishing, pollution, and overfishing – is the leading cause of...

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