Titanium regulators and nitrox safety issue?

My local store has just told me that it has been determined within the last year that titanium regs are bad to use with all mixes of nitrox. He claims that the titanium is a fire hazard and that most...

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Advantages of trimix for recreational diving?

I just finished up my gas blender class today and the instructor mentioned something about a recreational trimix class offered through naui. Didn't get a chance to go into it further with the instructor due to time, so I was...

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Maximum depth discussions

Assuming that one has an an adequate gas supply, of the best possible gas (neox/heliox e.t.c) mixture, and assuming that they have a bit of a suicide wish, what would be the maximum possible depth one could descend to before...

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Scuba Diving Air and its Effects on Decompression

Firstly, an intro into what happens when we go scuba diving underwater. As you know air is made up of 20.9% or .209 Oxygen and 79.1% or .791 nitrogen there or thereabouts. As we go deeper these numbers or...

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