Navy diver reaches 2000 feet

Developed by OceanWorks International from Vancouver, British Columbia, the Hardsuit 2000 was designed to withstand underwater pressure at 2,000 feet. Current models have only been able to go down as far as 1,200 feet. “The suit worked incredibly,” said...

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Advantages of trimix for recreational diving?

I just finished up my gas blender class today and the instructor mentioned something about a recreational trimix class offered through naui. Didn't get a chance to go into it further with the instructor due to time, so I was...

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Maximum depth discussions

Assuming that one has an an adequate gas supply, of the best possible gas (neox/heliox e.t.c) mixture, and assuming that they have a bit of a suicide wish, what would be the maximum possible depth one could descend to before...

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BSAC expert lost on deep rebreather dive

Penny Glover, one of the British Sub-Aqua Club's most highly qualified instructors and divers, is feared lost together with her diving buddy after failing to surface from a dive in the South of France. According to French media, Glover...

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Enriched Air Facts and Fantasies

Over the years there have been a number of claims supporting or trashing the use of enriched air nitrox in recreational diving. Having dived enriched air for years, I have developed my own set of opinions, having read almost every...

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