Diving Dolphin Reef

The Dolphin Reef is loacted in Eilat, Israel. It sits at the country's southernmost point and is a unique ecological site. Visitors to Dolphin Reef have the chance to meet and watch dolphins in their natural habitat. Via DiveNews...

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Diving with dolphins in the Bahamas

One of the all time favorite marine animals for many is the dolphin. Previously, the closest one can ever get to a dolphin is at the various marine theme parks like Sea World. Then a few dolphin research centers started...

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A different Florida Keys

Although the beaches on the Keys are few and small -- the one at Bahia Honda State Park is the major exception -- the islands have a Caribbean feel. Their underwater reefs offer excellent snorkeling and, along with shipwrecks, great...

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Nets killing 800 whales and dolphins every day

Fishing nets are killing up to 800 whales, dolphins and porpoises every day, according to latest research. A team of marine experts from universities and conservation in the UK and US said bycatch was the biggest danger cetaceans faced....

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