Navy diver reaches 2000 feet

Developed by OceanWorks International from Vancouver, British Columbia, the Hardsuit 2000 was designed to withstand underwater pressure at 2,000 feet. Current models have only been able to go down as far as 1,200 feet. “The suit worked incredibly,” said...

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New Zealand diver survives 3 day in ocean

A former New Zealand navy diver left adrift at sea for three days survived by eating crayfish and sea slugs after he became separated from friends while diving near an island off the country's coast. Via Reuters...

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Maximum depth discussions

Assuming that one has an an adequate gas supply, of the best possible gas (neox/heliox e.t.c) mixture, and assuming that they have a bit of a suicide wish, what would be the maximum possible depth one could descend to before...

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