Phuket builds underwater statue park

We thought we'd seen everything, but oh no: Phuket Diving Park, as the site is now known, features sculptures including Thai demons ( yak ), traditional decorative arches, a sala, two elephants and a giant pearl oyster. Over time...

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Diving with a great white

A very cool video shot by some guy who thought it was a good idea to while away the minutes of, well, September 28, 2004, by spending a few minutes in the water with a Great White Shark. A questionable...

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Connecticut Students Play Underwater Monopoly

Our friends at Blogging Baby found this story about 10 Connecticut high school students who spent five hours last week playing Monopoly. Oh yeah: and they played it 12 feet underwater. To communicate, students had to use hand signals to...

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Surfer Punches Shark

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to, yes, another edition of man punches shark and gets away. This is a quick story, but one that should fill surfers and divers out there with a sense of possibility: possibility that you could...

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Scuba divers decorate Wreck with Christmas Tree

Members of the scuba club South Florida Divers have decorated a 70ft (20 mtrs) wreck with a christmas tree as part of a tradition going back 20 years. The wreck of the Hog Heaven is situated off Fort Lauderdale....

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Great White Sharks on 60 Minutes

Just posted over at Divester a bit about the excellent piece that was on 60 Minutes tonight about Great White Shark diving. The nut of the story is that more and more people are spending millions of dollars every...

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Where Sleigh Bells Gurgle, Santa is Scuba Diving With Sharks

Newport aquarium is usually host to all manner of fish species, including sharks. Each Christmas for the past three years visitors have been able to see Santa scubadiving in the aquarium with the sharks Calvin Freeman, age 4, has...

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The movie 窶弋he Cave窶?

Just finished watching the movie “The Cave”. It is about underwater cave adventurers in a sci fi thriller. It’s ok of a movie just for the scuba diving basis (rebreathers). Noticed the ditch and don move the guy does...

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Scuba Santa

Santa dives? I confess I did not know that, but then again, no one pays much attention to what the fat man does in the summer months. I suppose I always thought he’d be hanging in the Bahamas, slurping...

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