British Columbia spear fishing trip write-up

I make a few dives with the spear gun and soon find myself drifting along the wall in the current. Some fish cross my path, but now that I am hunting, I don’t seem to find the fish as...

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A different Florida Keys

Although the beaches on the Keys are few and small -- the one at Bahia Honda State Park is the major exception -- the islands have a Caribbean feel. Their underwater reefs offer excellent snorkeling and, along with shipwrecks, great...

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Marine reserves 'good' for coral reefs

Marine reserves give a boost to coral reefs as well as fish stocks, new research shows. Scientists had been concerned that large fish returning to protected areas of the Caribbean could disturb the delicate balance of reefs. They feared that...

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Nets killing 800 whales and dolphins every day

Fishing nets are killing up to 800 whales, dolphins and porpoises every day, according to latest research. A team of marine experts from universities and conservation in the UK and US said bycatch was the biggest danger cetaceans faced....

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Australia: Shark fishing under scrutiny

Northern Territory scientists are about to start a three-year study into the sustainability of shark fishing in Australia's northern waters. The Australian Research Council and the fishing industry are jointly funding the project that will see thousands of sharks...

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Australia: Shark poachers defy machineguns to seek prey

Machineguns and machetes are being used in a growing conflict between Australia and Indonesian pirate boats poaching sharks for the lucrative Chinese market. Record prices for shark fin soup have lured more and more poor Indonesian fishermen to Australia's...

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