Flamboyant Cuttlefish footage from Malaysia

The flamboyant cuttlefish is pretty small - about the length of a hand - but its intense colours and spearing proboscis make it utterly mesmerising. This vid does a great job of showing off its colours, even more so...

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Diving Tioman Island, Malaysia

The sixth dive was done at Chebeh, a rock formation a bit far away from the main island of Tioman. Went in at 1501hrs to a depth of 16.1m. Swam through the caves… literally understood what does it mean by...

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Tarutao Islands, Malaysia

Tarutao Islands, on the Andaman Sea close to the border with Malaysia. Described by Lonely Planet Guide as “one of the most beautifully isolated and pristine costal areas in Thailand.”Designated by UNESCO as an ASEAN Heritage site, the park consists...

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Malaysia: 200 reef balls 'planted' to restore corals

About 200 reef balls weighing a total of 540 tonnes were planted at the Mid Reef area off Manukan Island, near here, to restore coral reefs wrecked by the Greg Storm about eight years ago, Thursday. Officiating at the...

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