Diving the Coral Sea

Is there a better dive spot near Australia that exceeds the beauty and excitement of the Great Barrier Reef? Some diver's think the Coral Sea does just that. Both locations were among the earliest of the world's exotic diving destinations....

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Diving Krakafat, Witu Islands, Papua New Guinea

The top of the sea mount lies at around 25 metres. It’s about the size of a football pitch, fairly flat, and slopes steeply at all sides down to hundreds of metres. The whole of the reef top is covered...

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Diving with Humpback Whales in Tonga

The most memorable and exciting part of our trip was seeing a humpback whale mother and her calf while snorkelling, for the first time. We ended up seeing the whales under water every day of our trips, 7 days in...

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Diving the Galapagos islands

Some consider the Galapagos the premiere spot for seeing large marine fauna. Seeing pelagic species so close to shore is more common in the Galapagos than most any dive site in the world. Like the animals on land, the animals...

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