Palau Digital Shootout 2006 pics

The Palau Digital Shootout 2006 is going on right now in, um, Palau. If you, like me, were not fortunate enough to be able to attend, you might want to head over to Wetpixel, where Eric Cheng is posting daily...

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Diving Yap and Palau

We are lying belly-down, a few inches above the top of a wall, holding onto rocky knobs and ledges to steady ourselves in the surge. The site is called Vertigo, appropriately, and we are gathered in a semicircle, facing the...

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Swimming With Giants

Monty Halls went on a whiz-bang, 10-week ‘round-the-world-trip with Full Circle Expeditions to dive with some of the world’s biggest animals and film the experience for the UK’s Channel 5. I don’t know what Channel 5 is, exactly, but I...

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