Great White Shark Dive Videoblog

Our Gadling friend Jon Rawlinson is at it again. Last time it was the Autobahn. This time, Jon takes on a great white, and took his camera underwater with him during a recent shark dive off the coast of Cape...

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South Africa: Shark spotters have an eye for a tooth

Sitting at the top of Boyes Drive with binoculars in hand is the best job imaginable for Aghmat Jacobs, one of three shark spotters scanning Muizenberg for Great Whites every day, whatever the weather.Working in five-hour shifts, Jacobs, founder...

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Swimming With Giants

Monty Halls went on a whiz-bang, 10-week ‘round-the-world-trip with Full Circle Expeditions to dive with some of the world’s biggest animals and film the experience for the UK’s Channel 5. I don’t know what Channel 5 is, exactly, but I...

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