Leatherback walkabout - 5000 miles and counting

An astonishing 5,000-mile journey by the first giant turtle to be caught and tagged off the British Isles has excited scientists studying the endangered creatures. For eight months marine biologists have been tracking a 65st [413kg - Ed.] leatherback sea...

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Diving in Tonaki-jima, Okinawa, Japan

We headed west off the dive boat (towards open sea) and followed the bottom until we reached a rock outcrop. There was some beautiful coral around there, along with some very big fish. The visibility here was even better than...

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Diving the Great Barrier Reef

Ty begins his trip diving the most well-known site on the Great Barrier Reef — Cod Hole on Ribbon Reef #10. From there, he moves on to Osprey Reef, where he sees several hammerheads circling, as well as a pod...

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Ever Wonder What the Diving in Kona is Like?

Steve owns a dive charter operation in Kona, Hawaii called Wanna Dive. In addition to diving, being married, and running a business, he somehow finds time to blog about the diving in and around Kona. What immediately struck me about...

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Diving the Galapagos islands

Some consider the Galapagos the premiere spot for seeing large marine fauna. Seeing pelagic species so close to shore is more common in the Galapagos than most any dive site in the world. Like the animals on land, the animals...

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Migration of green turtles 1955 - 2003

During 1955-2003, flipper tags were attached to 46,983 green turtles and ten turtles were fitted with satellite transmitters at Tortuguero, Costa Rica. Eight satellite-tracked turtles stayed within 135 km of the beach and probably returned to nest after release....

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Two-headed marine turtle found in Costa Rica

A deformed two-headed olive ridley sea turtle hatchling was found on a beach on Costa Rica's northwest Pacific coast, leading experts to believe that contaminants, increased temperatures possibly resulting from climate change and other factors may be at play....

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