British Columbia spear fishing trip write-up

I make a few dives with the spear gun and soon find myself drifting along the wall in the current. Some fish cross my path, but now that I am hunting, I don’t seem to find the fish as...

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Diving Oil Rig Grace

Oil platform Grace has had a checkered history and was the source of a large oil spill in it's early years. Now the company that owns it has opened it to divers for PR purposes and to publicize that...

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Dive Honduras' Bay Islands

Years ago I was passing through Central America on a long, long trip back from Chile and making my way to Los Angeles. Along the way, I saw many of our planet's Central American countries, but very few of them...

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Ever Wonder What the Diving in Kona is Like?

Steve owns a dive charter operation in Kona, Hawaii called Wanna Dive. In addition to diving, being married, and running a business, he somehow finds time to blog about the diving in and around Kona. What immediately struck me about...

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