Flamboyant Cuttlefish footage from Malaysia

The flamboyant cuttlefish is pretty small - about the length of a hand - but its intense colours and spearing proboscis make it utterly mesmerising. This vid does a great job of showing off its colours, even more so...

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Static apnea world record video

Slightly less newsworthy once we worked out what 'static apnea' was, but somewhat interesting nevertheless: Paul Kotik, our beloved FreeDiving Editor, has posted the first of many FreeDiving Video clips to the new Google Video service.The first clip is of...

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Great White Shark Dive Videoblog

Our Gadling friend Jon Rawlinson is at it again. Last time it was the Autobahn. This time, Jon takes on a great white, and took his camera underwater with him during a recent shark dive off the coast of Cape...

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Fantastic whale shark footage

It's shot by Nick Hope, an underwater photographer based in Phuket. You can see the whale shark clip online at Google Video, and Nick has several more great underwater clips available on his own site Bubblevision, which are also free...

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Shark vs Octopus in Mortal Combat

A public aquarium was experiencing mysterious deaths and decided to set up an overnight video camera to find the culprit. They ended up capturing some of the most amazing footage ever seen by this humble scuba diving enthusiast. Truly jaw-dropping....

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